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12 Lessons Learned from a Digital Marketing Disaster Recovery

Posted by Bob Carver on Oct 20, 2016 6:53:28 AM

This article was supposed to be about the challenges of community management. I opened my laptop to work on that article, and found that the hard drive it was on had disappeared.  From that moment, and for three weeks in one form or another, I was in recovery mode. This article is not disaster recovery 101. I’m not going to talk about backup solutions, recovery strategies or any of that. Suffice it to say, you should have a good, cloud based backup in place. It should be tested periodically, and you should have plans in place to facilitate recovery if data is lost. We had all of those things. What we discovered, however, were gaps in our understanding, and problems with our processes. These issues caused a simple hard drive failure to be costlier and more time consuming than we ever imagined. It forced us to move project deadlines and put some project components at risk. In this article I’m going to walk you through the unexpected problems, the challenges of recovery, and the impact. Finally, I’ll let you know what we’ve done to change our processes, and better prepare for the next recovery.

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5 Tips and 15 Links to Help Beginners Get Started on Social Media

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 25, 2016 7:33:45 AM

I occasionally provide training to companies going through a transitional period (meaning reorganizing or downsizing). My training focuses on how people can use social media to find a job. I show how to use social selling techniques to present yourself on LinkedIn, and how to connect with prospective employers, peers and influencers at those prospective employers. See our related article here: How Anyone Can Use Social Media to Get a Job. Even today, I'm always surprised to find many people need basic training on how to use social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and how to connected and engages on social media. In this article, I’ll give you 5 tips and 15 links to help get started on social media and learn these critical platforms and tools. 

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Topics: beginners, jobs and employment, LinkedIn, social media, social media training, Twitter, Facebook

Google vs. Facebook: Facts and Stats Every Marketer Should Know [Infographic]

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 25, 2016 7:20:57 AM

Almost two years ago now, we published an infographic populated with data from a Lunametrics article. The infographic had stats and facts about Google of interest to marketers, from users, to advertising spend, to mobile use. We decided that it was time to update those stats, and, for extra fun, thought we would add similar stats from Facebook for a comparison. So here it, Google vs. Facebook: facts and stats that every marketer should know:

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Topics: Stats and Facts, content marketing, content strategy, Facebook, Google

To Keep Content Development In-house or Outsource - A Blended Approach Might be Best

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 25, 2016 7:17:20 AM

We spend most of our time helping organizations formulate and execute content strategies, and creating great content. It’s our bread and butter. I’ve read a lot recently, from a number sources, about how organizations should bring content production in-house. The reasons for these opinions fall into one of several common content creation issues, from external authors lacking industry expertise, to agencies ripping off their customers by doing ad buys and not passing along rebates. And, no surprise, there are a lot of issues that can come from hiring external resources to create your content. But making the blanket statement that any organization should bring content production in-house ignores a number of problems can come with that approach as well. Problems that can harm marketing efforts for products and services, or make content marketing completely ineffective. In this article I’m going break down both sides of the issue, then I’ll tell you strategies that can overcome the hurdles on both sides. Let’s get started.

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Topics: content marketing, content strategy, outsourced marketing

Why Recruiters Need Social Media Training [Infographic]

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 25, 2016 7:00:07 AM

Brands use social media in a numberof different ways. Most people think of social primarily as a marketing tool, but many brands use social is primarily for recruiting. This is for good reason, social media provides lots of ways to help brands find and connect with great talent. Job seekers can also use social media to set themselves apart and attract better organizations, and better offers (see our article on How Social Media can help Anyone Get a Job). We've rolled up a few statistics about how social media is used, and some compelling disconnects in how it's used by recruiters, brands, and job seekers in an infographic. Their are opportunities out there for job seekers, brands, and recruiters. But recruiters, whether working for brands, or recruiting agencies, need to be trained in order to know where to look for the right talent, and how to use social networks and tools to the best effect.  

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Topics: job search, job seeker, social media training, recruiting

The Yin and Yang of Social Media Training [Infographic]

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 25, 2016 6:49:23 AM

Lots of brands are seeing the benefits of employees being social media brand advocates, but there are still concerns over turning employees loose on behalf of the brand. And there should be. Companies can loose a lot of money, in the millions, if there is a major public relations issue stemming from a social media related incident. On the flip side, some executives and managers are still hesitant to train their employees how to interact on social media on behalf of the brand. I'm talking about real training here, with experienced community managers or social media experts. Let me be clear, writing up what you'd like your employees to do, then having them read the policy, isn't training. It's easy for the most well intentioned people to make a mistake that can cause trouble. And, if it does cause trouble, it will cost your brand money. At that point, it's only a question of how much. The issue is the yin and yang of social media training. In the following infographic we break down the stats to show you how big the issues, and costs, are, and give you tips to help you build a better employee brand advocacy program. 

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Topics: brand advocates, social media management, social media training, business and social media, content marketing

3 Content Planning Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 25, 2016 6:38:03 AM

Creating original content is always a challenge because doing content right takes time. On top of that, brands should maintain a publication schedule, both to ensure that they have fresh content coming out regularly, and to synchronize content with events, offers, and campaigns. That takes planning. With the competing priorities digital marketing teams face, creating great content, and keeping up with the content publication schedule doesn’t always happen. Good content plans account for those missed deadlines. In this article I’ll look at three mistakes brands make related to content planning and publication, and tell you ways to help fix those problems.

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Topics: marketing campaign, social media, content marketing, content strategy

7 Ways Brand Monitoring Can Help Your Organization [Infographic]

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 25, 2016 6:16:56 AM

Our article on 7 Ways Brand Monitoring Software can Help and Organization, has been one of our most popular. So much that we've been asked to put that into an infographic, so we did! This infographic shows you how brand monitoring can help alert when your brand is mentioned online, measure sentiment of online comments, perform social audits, respond to mentions, find influencers, formulate product and service positioning statements, and research products, services, industries, verticals, keywords and hashtags.

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Topics: analytics, Analytics and Measurement, mention, trackur, brand monitoring, brandwatch, content marketing

3 Tips to Maximize Engagement and Connect with Influencers

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 24, 2016 8:05:43 AM

Content marketing drives brand messaging, showcases your propositions, and thought leadership. The tricky part about content marketing is that is we are all selfish content consumers. Your audience isn’t interested in your problems; they’re interested in their problems. You engage and grow your audience with content that is meaningful and relevant to issues they are concerned with. But you shouldn’t be the only voice in your social channels. Most marketers recommend sharing other people’s content 80% of the time, and your own 20% of the time.  So, if you’re doing things right, you’re sharing a lot of content. The difficult thing is, not all content is worth sharing, and even less may be relevant to your audience. So what do you do? One approach we recommend is to share the best content multiple times. This gives the best stories, advice, and insights the most reach, will prompt the best engagement from your community, and will help you connect with influencers who are sharing your content. In this article I’m going to lay out for you several strategies we use to identify, and re-share the content our community likes the most as well as some alternative strategies. In addition, I’ll tell you how identifying that content can help you connect with influencers to boost your content marketing reach even more.

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Hootsuite Updates its Analytics and Offers Additional Reporting

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 24, 2016 7:44:20 AM

Hootsuite recently rolled out a beta version of new analytics. The new analytics are integrated inside your Hootsuite interface, and you can view them or go back to the old Hootsuite reports. We’re big believers that analytics backed decision making is essential for successful marketing. I’m always researching analytics tools, and analytics capabilities built into social media management tools, and we use Hootsuite for community management. I was really excited to see this, so in this article I’m going to show you Hootsuite’s new analytics. I’ll tell you about the good things, the things I’d like to see added, the costs, and the unknowns.

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