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How to Choose Which Apps to Move to the Cloud (and Which Not To)

Posted by Bob Carver on May 9, 2017 11:44:31 AM

In a recent article on Infoworld, David Linthicum wrote about the 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Cloud Migrations. Not surprisingly, the article focused on application migration. The biggest mistake was moving the wrong app for the wrong reason to the cloud. There are many challenges in moving to the cloud, but moving your apps is decidedly one of the biggest, and it's fraught with the most peril. If your apps don't work well, or don't work at all, you lose productivity. You may loose business advantage or opportunities, and you must scramble to fix the problem. All of that costs you money.

If you're new to the cloud, a bad app migration experience may stifle future cloud plans. For the IT professionals responsible for migrating apps, it may mean a loss of trust. For IT managers responsible for the migration, it may mean the loss of their job. 

The key question from all of this is, how do you choose which apps to move to the cloud, and which not to? In this article, we'll lay out some criteria to help you choose which apps to move to the cloud and which not to.

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