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Cloud IT Training is Protection for Your IT Career

Posted by Bob Carver on Aug 15, 2017 4:51:38 PM

TechRepublic recently published an article that documents a growing fear among many IT pros that cloud adoption is putting their jobs at risk. The statistics from the article are compelling. 28% fear that cloud adoption is putting their career at risk. For some it's the lack of tools to manage cloud services, for others, it's the lack of knowledge to how to migrate workloads, or lead a cloud deployment that drives these fears. Most important of all, the fears are real. 40% of respondents note that their data center footprint shrink as cloud services take over of on-premises infrastructure. But there is hope. Cloud is bringing its own challenges, and those challenges provide career opportunities for IT pros willing to acquire the skills to meet those challenges. In this article, look at the challenges, and how cloud IT training is projection for your IT career.

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4 Ways to Get the Skills Needed for Cloud IT Projects [Analysis]

Posted by Bob Carver on Jun 12, 2017 5:30:48 PM

Tam Harbert recently wrote a good article in Computerworld where she detailed the different approaches five enterprise organizations are taking to upskill their IT staff to prepare for the cloud and other 'future IT' projects. The goal of the article was how organizations skill up their existing staff for cloud, and when they should hire fresh. Since we consult on cloud strategy, planning, and implementation, provide IT staffing, and offer cloud computing training, we see three different perspectives on this issue. We felt these four of these approaches deserved further analysis based on our experience. In this article, we're going to examine four of the ways described to get the skills needed for cloud IT projects. We'll talk about the benefits, and risks of each based on our experience, with the goal of helping you decide which approach, or a combination of approaches might be best. 

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Cloud Security is One of the Most Difficult To Find Tech Skills

Posted by Bob Carver on Nov 15, 2016 5:52:17 AM

We talk a lot about the CloudMASTER cloud computing classes that we authored and put on our public schedule. We've done articles pointing out how the classes and certifications map to job needs and career goals, and and we've built infographics detailing what's covered in CloudMASTER training. But we know that's not enough. Where's the evidence? We were waiting to show you. As the year draws to a close technologists, influencers, and industry leaders start to publish survey results and make predictions for the coming year. Some of those articles have now started to come out. The predictions in those articles on which tech jobs and skills are in demand, and which cloud computing issues concern CIOs the most, show the skills that employers will need the most over the next 12 to 18  months. In this article, we'll talk about one of the biggest on the list, security, and show you how CloudMASTER can get you, or your organization ready to meet the biggest cloud computing challenges ahead. 

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