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Cloud IT Training is Protection for Your IT Career

Posted by Bob Carver on Aug 15, 2017 4:51:38 PM

TechRepublic recently published an article that documents a growing fear among many IT pros that cloud adoption is putting their jobs at risk. The statistics from the article are compelling. 28% fear that cloud adoption is putting their career at risk. For some it's the lack of tools to manage cloud services, for others, it's the lack of knowledge to how to migrate workloads, or lead a cloud deployment that drives these fears. Most important of all, the fears are real. 40% of respondents note that their data center footprint shrink as cloud services take over of on-premises infrastructure. But there is hope. Cloud is bringing its own challenges, and those challenges provide career opportunities for IT pros willing to acquire the skills to meet those challenges. In this article, look at the challenges, and how cloud IT training is projection for your IT career.

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How the Shift to Cloud can Make or Break Your IT Team and Career

Posted by Bob Carver on Aug 8, 2017 5:22:35 PM

In a recent article, David Linthicum pointed out that sometimes the best and brightest don't always get rewarded in the IT world. He points out some things you may have seen as either a manager or an IT employee, and makes one point in particular: 

"Pay is more a matter of how well an employee can negotiate a salary, than a matter of merit or talent."

It's an unfortunate truth in many industries and seems to be very prevalent in IT for lots of reasons. But David makes the point that he's seen some in the IT world who were resistant to cloud being given promotions and put in areas of leadership, while genuine cloud promoters have been left behind. Unfortunately, we've seen the same thing in client's we've helped move to the cloud.

Finally, David makes the point it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, this disruptive change in IT, this movement of services, and data to the cloud, can be a way for IT managers to adjust their organizations by promoting those with genuine vision, and who see the value of new technology. He gives two good approaches to help managers do that. But the question I feel many managers will be left with is, "How do I begin to vet my staff on how well they embrace the cloud?" I also feel that many IT have been asking that for some time, and, after David's article will do more soul searching over the question, "How do I stand out in this sea of change, and make this into a career opportunity." In this article, I'll provide some strategies to answer both of those questions. In my opinion how organizations and their employees answer that question is critically important because the shift to the cloud can make or break your IT team and career.

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The CarverTC Approach to CloudMASTER Certification Training

Posted by Bob Carver on Oct 13, 2016 5:21:55 PM

As we have recently decided to start offering public training courses, my contacts have been asking me two questions; "Why now?" and, "What makes you better than other training centers."  The first question comes from the fact that we've offered private training for years and have shied away from public training even when our clients have suggested we should do it. We've answered the "why now" question in a separate article which explains why we added CloudMASTER certification training to our public training schedule. In this article, I'll answer the other question, and explain why we're different, and why we believe we are better than other training centers. 

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