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Cloud Certification Can Help you Enter the IT Pro 'Sellers Market'

Posted by Bob Carver on Apr 17, 2017 4:13:46 PM

David Linthicum recent wrote an article that got me thinking. In his article, In the cloud, you don't need a college degree, he made the simple point that employers need cloud computing skills. It doesn't matter where prospective employees get those skills. It matters that they have them, and can apply thing to implement cloud solutions and solve problems. He made the point that we are in a Cloud IT Professional seller's market.

If you have the skills, you have a lot of options regarding where you work, salary, benefits and more. This raises two questions. For IT Pros the question is, 'how can I enter this seller's market?' For employers question is, 'how can I get the best talent, to address my cloud computing challenges, for the best price, in the timeline I need?'

In this article, I'm going to answer both those questions and talk about how cloud IT training, and certification can be a win-win for employees and employers. I'll also talk about why both might want to think about cloud certification sooner rather than later. 

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Is CloudMASTER Cloud Computing Certification Like MCSE or Network+?

Posted by Bob Carver on Nov 2, 2016 4:27:12 PM

As I've talked to more IT Professionals about the CloudMASTER cloud computing certifications, I keep getting asked the same question, "Is this an MCSE type of certification or a Network+ type of certification?" IT pros want job skills that will make their daily and future job tasks easier. They also want to make sure that they're keeping up with technology trends, and making themselves as marketable as possible so that they can move up in their current organization, or get better jobs in other organizations. So where does a cloud computing certification like CloudMASTER fit? Is it the new MCSE or the new Network+? It doesn't replace either, but it does have similarities to both. These certifications are as important to professional development and job advance as each of those, but it doesn't replace either. On top of that, there are components of the CloudMASTER certification that make it uniquely compelling. I'll lay all of that out for you in this article.

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