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4 Tips to Make Long-Form Content Better [Infographic]

Posted by Bob Carver on May 1, 2018 2:53:24 PM

We've been talking a lot about how pillar pages can boost SEO. The whole idea behind a pillar page is that it covers a core topic comprehensively. That turns some people off. They say, "I don't want to put a book on my website because no-one will read it."

We can tell you from experience; our pillar pages get a lot of views (and generate a lot of leads). But the point is valid. A pillar page is the ultimate in long-form content. If your content is too "thick and chewy" people won't read it they'll leave. 

Your content has to be great, and you need to format it so that it's easy to skim and easy to consume. To help you out, we've created an infographic with 4 tips to make you pillar page, or any long-form content better!


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