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Buyer Personas are Essential to Getting Clicks and Conversions [Video]

Posted by Bob Carver on Jul 13, 2017 9:17:21 AM

We spend a lot of time with our clients helping them define their target audience, and building detailed buyer personas so that their marketing content and messaging will resonate. Because, when content and messages resonate, they fill the inbound sales funnel with more high-quality leads, that turn into more customers. To increase the success of your  inbound marketing, you've got to spend the time to build great buyer personas. We've created the video that tells you what personas do, what you need to create great ones, and how they can help your business. We've also put our knowledge and experience into a comprehensive ebook that contains resources, templates, and our process -- everything you need to easily organize your research to create your detailed buyer personas that enable your inbound marketing campaigns to achieve real results. 



Download our ebook - The Essential Guide to Creating Buyer Personas

CarverTC is an Hubspot partner agency in Portland Oregon that specializes in inbound marketing and content for technology companies and any company with complex messaging. CarverTC also provides digital marketing training. 

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