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6 Tips to Help B2B Businesses Manage Digital Channels over the Slow Holidays

Posted by Bob Carver on Dec 19, 2016 5:25:26 PM

We get asked a lot of questions this time of year about how businesses should manage their social media accounts over the end of year holidays. These questions come from non-retail businesses. Retailers are in full swing in social media, and on all their other channels at this time of year. But for other businesses, the landscape is different. As employees take time off, and customers shift to holiday activities and retail shopping, there is often a turn down in web and social traffic, as well as community activity. So, with less traffic, and fewer people to engage, what should you do? In this article I’m going to talk about some options for changing your engagement strategies around the holidays to accommodate work and life realities, and get better results with less stress. 

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The Big Benefits of Training Your Employees to be Brand Advocates

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 22, 2016 5:33:20 PM

More organizations are realizing the value of having employees actively engaged in social media representing the organization. This is true of for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, as well as municipal and other government entities. These brand advocates benefit their organizations in a number of ways from increasing reach, to spotting trends, to surfacing issues, to fostering a sense of connected responsiveness with the community. Across the board, the key to achieving success with brand advocates is training. In this article I’ll look at why employee engagement is important, why organizations should make employee engagement a priority, why training is critical, and the benefits beyond community engagement that come from having employees that are properly trained to be employee brand advocates.

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4 Tools to Help Community Managers Succeed

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 15, 2016 9:06:08 PM

I had an interesting conversation with a social media community manager recently. She's in a challenging situation. She works for a property management company, and each property has a social media presence and a local community manager. The company also uses it's social media sites to pass information to its tenants, and to have conversations with them. It's an interesting mix of local social media conversation management and information dissemination. Information flows from the business down, from the property management company to it's tenants while conversations bubble up from tenant questions. Managing this, and coordinating it with local community managers presents a big challenge for the corporate social media manager. The main issues are getting the right information out, and making sure appropriate responses happen, in a timely and responsible way so that communities are properly managed, and corporate guidelines are followed. In this article, I show you four tools you can use to help community managers, and they key to success in community management. 

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