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3 Tips to Maximize Engagement and Connect with Influencers

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 24, 2016 8:05:43 AM

Content marketing drives brand messaging, showcases your propositions, and thought leadership. The tricky part about content marketing is that is we are all selfish content consumers. Your audience isn’t interested in your problems; they’re interested in their problems. You engage and grow your audience with content that is meaningful and relevant to issues they are concerned with. But you shouldn’t be the only voice in your social channels. Most marketers recommend sharing other people’s content 80% of the time, and your own 20% of the time.  So, if you’re doing things right, you’re sharing a lot of content. The difficult thing is, not all content is worth sharing, and even less may be relevant to your audience. So what do you do? One approach we recommend is to share the best content multiple times. This gives the best stories, advice, and insights the most reach, will prompt the best engagement from your community, and will help you connect with influencers who are sharing your content. In this article I’m going to lay out for you several strategies we use to identify, and re-share the content our community likes the most as well as some alternative strategies. In addition, I’ll tell you how identifying that content can help you connect with influencers to boost your content marketing reach even more.

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