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How to Schedule Instagram Content from Hootsuite

Posted by Peter Lammers on Sep 22, 2016 8:12:15 PM

Hootsuite has supported stream monitoring for Instagram for a long time, allowing you to see your feed, and posts, and to comment, like and interact with the content on Instagram. A while ago they announced the ability to schedule content posts with Hootsuite. We currently use Hootsuite for stream monitoring and engagement of most of our social media channels. While we use Buffer for content posting and scheduling, Hootsuite is the tool of choice for many, and is an awesome social media management platform. We currently use Onlypult for scheduling and publishing much of our Instagram content, but we decided to switch to Hootsuite to give its new connectivity a test drive. In this article I’m going to look at setting up Instagram in Hootsuite, posting to Instagram from Hootsuite and the Hootlet Chrome extension, managing Instagram streams in Hootsuite, and the analytics available. In addition, I’ll talk about how Hootsuite and Onlypult compare.

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Using Onlypult to Schedule and Manage Instagram Content from the Desktop

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 22, 2016 8:14:48 AM

One of the core services we do for our clients is create graphical and image content. This content ranges from infographics, to presentations, to images that help tell the client’s story in all types of social, marketing, and training content. Since we have a lot of great content samples, and marketing strategies we’ve turned up our presence on Instagram and Pinterest to showcase them. One of the things we realized we needed was a tool to help us manage our Instagram presence the way we wanted. We’ve selected OnlyPult (formerly InstaPult) because it’s a simple and effective Instagram scheduling tool. In this article I’ll explain what we were looking for, and then I’ll review Onlypult, describe its features, and how we use OnlyPult to manage our Instagram account. Along the way, I’ll share OnlyPult’s strengths, and where it can use improvement.

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Topics: instagram, onlypult, social media management, content distribution, content management, content marketing, smms

4 Tools to Help Community Managers Succeed

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 15, 2016 9:06:08 PM

I had an interesting conversation with a social media community manager recently. She's in a challenging situation. She works for a property management company, and each property has a social media presence and a local community manager. The company also uses it's social media sites to pass information to its tenants, and to have conversations with them. It's an interesting mix of local social media conversation management and information dissemination. Information flows from the business down, from the property management company to it's tenants while conversations bubble up from tenant questions. Managing this, and coordinating it with local community managers presents a big challenge for the corporate social media manager. The main issues are getting the right information out, and making sure appropriate responses happen, in a timely and responsible way so that communities are properly managed, and corporate guidelines are followed. In this article, I show you four tools you can use to help community managers, and they key to success in community management. 

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Topics: social media tools, community management, content management, content marketing

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