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11 Post GDPR Tips to Help Compliance, Conversion Optimization, and Sanity

Posted by Bob Carver on Jun 7, 2018 6:31:36 PM

Well, we're past May 25th and we're still here. Solo wasn't quite what we'd hoped but we survived the GDPR go live date!

Wait. What? GDPR?

While many have been focused on GDPR, it's ramifications, and how to continue time-tested marketing and sales techniques as GDPR compliance requirements go into effect, for many others, especially those outside the European Union, the second sentence of this post sums up their feelings on the subject.

It's not that people were surprised about it. You had to be living in a cave not to hear about GDPR. But, while some guidance, like the use of cookie banners has been straightforward, other guidance has been a little squishy. Like that bit about make sure you collect the right opt-in information from EU residents, no matter where they're accessing your site from.

Barry Levine wrote an interesting article about some of the unintended consequences of GDPR that are already popping up. Some large brands bending over backward to comply to the point of removing key features from their software to avoid potential stiff penalties for violations. Other companies forging a path through the murky recesses of GDPR articles for their own survival. Many are taking a wait and see attitude hoping clear guidance will present itself. After bringing our company and some of our clients into compliance (or mostly compliance), we're sharing 11 post GDPR tips to help compliance, lead generation, and sanity.

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