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5 Tips to Balance Your Social Media Addiction Over the Holidays

Posted by Bob Carver on Dec 20, 2017 3:52:53 PM

With the holiday season upon us, it's a time for family, friends, vacations, and unplugging from work. For many of us, unplugging for a vacation is difficult. These problems aren't just for work-a-holics, they’re for everyone. Email used to be the culprit, but now it’s social media.

People use social media for work and play.  So it’s double-tough to put social media down when on vacation. When you’re posting that great Christmas party picture, it’s tempting to browse through your feed...until your significant other yells at you.

This article by Amy Iverson proposes using winter vacation as a way to detox from social media and technology. Amy gives some great stats, and compelling reasons why you might want to try this approach. However, if you don’t want to unplug, or can't because of work obligations, there are some ways to contain your online interaction. In this article I’ll give you 5 tips to help you unplug just a little. Tips to help you balance your social media addiction, and enjoy your time with family and friends while remaining plugged in so that you don’t go into full withdrawal. 

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5 Tips and 15 Links to Help Beginners Get Started on Social Media

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 25, 2016 7:33:45 AM

I occasionally provide training to companies going through a transitional period (meaning reorganizing or downsizing). My training focuses on how people can use social media to find a job. I show how to use social selling techniques to present yourself on LinkedIn, and how to connect with prospective employers, peers and influencers at those prospective employers. See our related article here: How Anyone Can Use Social Media to Get a Job. Even today, I'm always surprised to find many people need basic training on how to use social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and how to connected and engages on social media. In this article, I’ll give you 5 tips and 15 links to help get started on social media and learn these critical platforms and tools. 

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Topics: beginners, jobs and employment, LinkedIn, social media, social media training, Twitter, Facebook

3 Content Planning Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 25, 2016 6:38:03 AM

Creating original content is always a challenge because doing content right takes time. On top of that, brands should maintain a publication schedule, both to ensure that they have fresh content coming out regularly, and to synchronize content with events, offers, and campaigns. That takes planning. With the competing priorities digital marketing teams face, creating great content, and keeping up with the content publication schedule doesn’t always happen. Good content plans account for those missed deadlines. In this article I’ll look at three mistakes brands make related to content planning and publication, and tell you ways to help fix those problems.

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Topics: marketing campaign, social media, content marketing, content strategy

3 Tips to Maximize Engagement and Connect with Influencers

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 24, 2016 8:05:43 AM

Content marketing drives brand messaging, showcases your propositions, and thought leadership. The tricky part about content marketing is that is we are all selfish content consumers. Your audience isn’t interested in your problems; they’re interested in their problems. You engage and grow your audience with content that is meaningful and relevant to issues they are concerned with. But you shouldn’t be the only voice in your social channels. Most marketers recommend sharing other people’s content 80% of the time, and your own 20% of the time.  So, if you’re doing things right, you’re sharing a lot of content. The difficult thing is, not all content is worth sharing, and even less may be relevant to your audience. So what do you do? One approach we recommend is to share the best content multiple times. This gives the best stories, advice, and insights the most reach, will prompt the best engagement from your community, and will help you connect with influencers who are sharing your content. In this article I’m going to lay out for you several strategies we use to identify, and re-share the content our community likes the most as well as some alternative strategies. In addition, I’ll tell you how identifying that content can help you connect with influencers to boost your content marketing reach even more.

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Topics: influencer marketing, social media, buffer, content engagement, content marketing

Using Quintly for Social Media Growth, Content, and Competitor Analysis

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 22, 2016 9:05:07 PM

As an agency we work with a number of analytics tools, both web analytics, and social media analytics. We use Fan Page Karma for social media analytics, and Mention for tracking brand mentions. But we also need to keep tabs on competing solutions. We do this for ourselves in case something better comes along. We also do it for our clients who may need tools in different price points, or may need slightly different features. One tool we took a look at recently was Quintly. In this post we’re going to take a quick look at Quintly, tell you what it has to offer, and how it might help you improve your social media marketing.

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Topics: analytics, Analytics and Measurement, analytics tools, social media, digital marketing tools, quintly

How Social Media can Help ANYONE get a JOB! [Infographic]

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 22, 2016 7:58:48 PM

We've been posting a lot recently about how social media is an essential tool for people that are looking for a job. See our blog post here. There are lots of stats and figures in that blog post, and we thought it would look they would make a great infographic!

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Topics: job search, job seeker, social media, recruiting

How Social Media to can Help ANYONE Get a Job

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 22, 2016 5:58:49 PM

If there’s one tip, one piece of advice, I would give any job seeker, it’s to learn how to use social media to help in your job search. At this point you might be thinking, “I get it, I have a LinkedIn profile.” Having a LinkedIn profile is an essential first step, and many people don’t do that well. More importantly, having a LinkedIn profile is only the tip of the iceberg. The real power and advantage of social media for job seekers is the ability to research employers, connect with them, and establish relationships. The research you do, and the connections you make can help you identify more and better job opportunities, and give you the advantage in the interview process. In this article, I’m going to lay it all out for you.

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Topics: job seeker, social media, employment, recruiting, jobs search

Why You NEED to Train Employees to be Social Brand Advocates [Infographic]

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 22, 2016 5:44:07 PM

A lot has been written about employee brand advocates over the last year as some organizations have chosen to empower their employees to share information about their brands. We've taken a look at a number of articles, and pulled out stats and facts in an infographic that tells a compelling story. From the customer side, not only is engagement with employees desired, it's becoming the expectation. From the perspective of the organization, not only do employee social brand advocates help market, but they also increase the trust of their brands, improve service, and help generate revenue. The brands that have done this successfully have come to one conclusion, to do this right, employee brand advocates need to be trained. See our infographic below. 

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Topics: brand advocates, social media, social media management, training

The Big Benefits of Training Your Employees to be Brand Advocates

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 22, 2016 5:33:20 PM

More organizations are realizing the value of having employees actively engaged in social media representing the organization. This is true of for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, as well as municipal and other government entities. These brand advocates benefit their organizations in a number of ways from increasing reach, to spotting trends, to surfacing issues, to fostering a sense of connected responsiveness with the community. Across the board, the key to achieving success with brand advocates is training. In this article I’ll look at why employee engagement is important, why organizations should make employee engagement a priority, why training is critical, and the benefits beyond community engagement that come from having employees that are properly trained to be employee brand advocates.

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Topics: brand advocates, social media, social media management, community management

Employees are More Engaged at Socially Engaged Companies [Stat Graphic]

Posted by Bob Carver on Sep 21, 2016 9:27:49 AM

The impact social engagement by the organization can have its employees is startling. With Gallup's 2013 “State of the Global Workplace Report” reporting that only 13% of employees are engaged at work, Carole Zibi and LinkedIn worked with Brian Solis, Principal at Altimeter Group, to look at the impact of social engagement on employee engagement. The results, as I said, are startling. Carole's excellent article contains lots of information and an infographic with other facts. Our reading of the article compelled us to make the infographic below. Simply put, if you're organization is active on social media, and includes the employees in that activity, there's a far greater chance the employees will be engaged with what the organization is doing. Engaged, socially connected employees can become brand ambassadors, sharing content, and increase brand awareness. That's huge. 

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